10 Things You Need To Rock Your Next Whole30

10 Things You Need To Rock Your Next Whole30

#JanuaryWhole30 is coming up — and team ZÜPA is making sure we’ve got everything we need to thrive throughout the month!

Of course, we’ll be sipping on some of our favorite Whole30 Approved drinkable veggies, which can be found in our Soup and Shot Starter Kit — and we’ll also be powering through this round with our Collagen Protein Bundle, featuring our new Whole3 #CollagenCollab to help squash cravings and achieve our goals!

With that being said, there’s so much more to crushing your next Whole30 — so, we’re also sharing ten of our favorite tools, resources, and brands to make your January Whole30 a whole lot easier!


1. A Calendar or Planner — Using a calendar or planner to plan the month out in advance is a great way to stay focused and goal-oriented, as well as a way to keep track of all your non-scale victories throughout the month! Plus, you can use it to write down recipe ideas and other inspiration to help with meal planning each week.


2. Meal Planning and Meal Prep — Meal planning and prep play an integral role in the Whole30 journey, and when done right — it can actually be something you look forward to. However, if you’re like so many of us, you’re constantly on-the-go. That’s why we teamed up with meal prep expert and Registered Dietitian Tracey Grant (of @wholedailylife) to create the ultimate Whole30 meal prep cheat sheet! The ZÜPA x @WHOLEDAILYLIFE Guide to Whole30 Meal Prep contains tips, tricks, meal strategies, recipes and more — everything you need to rock your next Whole30!


3. Kitchen Essentials — Whether you’ve already decided to take the Whole30 leap or you’re still exploring the ins and outs of the program, it’s important to realize that what you use to make your meals throughout the month can be just as important as the ingredients itself. In addition to Tupperware and other food storage, stock up on an assortment of pots, pans, cutlery, cooking knives, baking tins, and specialized tools — like a spiralizer, peeler, Instant Pot, a food processor or blender. Having the right tools to get the job done will make your life easier!


4. Spices, Seasonings, and Other Pantry Items — Eliminating foods from your diet doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Stock up on all your favorite compliant spices, seasonings, herbs and pantry items such as olive and coconut oil, or Whole30 Approved sauces, marinades, and dressings — like The New Primal, Primal Kitchen, and Tessemae’s!


5. An Assortment of Fresh Veggies — Great for both emergency snacking and prepared meals, having a wide variety of vegetables (with the exception of legumes) and minimal fruit, is a great way to make sure you’re fully satiated throughout the day! Whether you use a veggie delivery service like Farm Fresh to You and Imperfect Produce or do a weekly stock up at your local grocery store, you’ll end up staying on track with plenty of options at your fingertips. 


6. Your Favorite Protein — With an abundance of veggies and healthy fat, you must balance out each meal with a protein source. All forms of protein are encouraged on the Whole30 — including seafood, poultry, and livestock. Similar to stocking up on veggies, it’s equally important to stock up on quality protein options. Whole30 partners with some great protein delivery services to help you sail through the month such as Butcher Box, Sizzle Fish and more — plus, you can find compliant emergency meat snacking options such as The New Primal, Chomps, Epic and more.


7. Whole30 Approved Snack Foods — If you’re on-the-go and don’t have time to prepare a full Whole30 compliant meal (check out what that looks like here), a Whole30 compliant snack or a mini-meal (which we love) will work every time! Nuts like almonds and cashews have healthy fats and are easy to fit in your bag, jerky or meat sticks help keep you feeling full, and on special occasions, fruit and nut bars are a great choice as well! Whole30 mini-meals contains protein, fat, and carbs — such as Kale Avocado with Collagen + a Chomps Snack Stick + handful of cashews. Read more about Whole30 snacking here and remember to stock up on drinkable veggies to help get you through the month ahead!


8. Whole30 Day by Day — Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration. The Whole30 Day-By-Day book features motivational notes from Whole30 co-founder Melissa Hartwig Urban — perfect for a pick-me-up on those days where you’re feeling down. Our favorite part is the section dedicated to journaling your day, emotions, non-scale victories and more! We love to look back on our Whole30 Day-by-Day notes and bring those learnings into our next Whole30 program.


9. Morning Your Morning Count — The right morning routine means setting yourself up for success all day long, and we’ve got just what you need to make every morning count with insightful tips and tricks from eight Whole30 Certified Coaches and social influencers! We all know that a veggie-packed breakfast is key, but there’s so much more to learn and incorporate, like mindfulness, gratitude, movement and caffeinating strategically. With these top tips you’ll set yourself up for success all day long — during Whole30 and into your Food Freedom.


10. Veggie Reset Guide — In the middle of a Whole30, the Three-Day Veggie Reset by Whole30 Coach Melissa Herbst is a fun way of shaking things up by incorporating an extra dose of veggie goodness into your routine. In short, you’ll follow Melissa’s Whole30 compliant meal plan for three days, while adding additional nutrient-dense hydration at each meal with a bottle of drinkable veggies. This official three-day program also incorporates a morning Veggie Shot for an extra boost to help aid in digestion, immunity, and metabolism! You’ll love switching up your Whole30 routine — plus you will look and feel amazing!