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5 Easy Recipe Hacks To Get You Through Your Next Whole30

5 Easy Recipe Hacks To Get You Through Your Next Whole30

You’re in the midst of your #Whole30, and it suddenly dawns on you — you’ve had eggs in every possible way known to man, and you’ve probably eaten like, a million Whole30 compliant sweet potatoes. #boring

We get it. You’re tired of eating the same thing over and over again!  

But, of course, it’s no excuse to slack on your Whole30 — which is why ZUPA NOMA is coming to the rescue with Whole30 Approved recipe hacks to spice things up. Get through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with these five easy #SOUPHACKS — designed and guaranteed to bring some nutritional variety and veggie-packed style into your life!


  • Whole30 Yellow Pepper Turmeric Beef Tacos

  • Spice up your #tacotuesday with these mouthwatering and colorful shredded beef tacos — marinated in Yellow Pepper Turmeric! And the best part about this recipe? All you need is 4 ingredients — not including the toppings!


  • Whole30 Blackened Salmon Burgers

  • These Salmon Burgers are a drool-worthy, Whole30 compliant option for your next weekend BBQ that will leave your guests feeling satisfied — and impressed with your grill game! Seasoned with blackening spices and served with a refreshingly cool dill cucumber spread (spiked with our secret ingredient, Tomato Gazpacho), they’re the perfect addition to your dinner spread!


  • Whole30 Beet Orange Basil Chicken with Roasted Veggies

  • Fresh veggies like asparagus, radishes, and greens are enhanced with this savory yet sweet Beet Orange Basil balsamic vinaigrette – finished with perfectly seasoned chicken that will keep you satisfied all week long! Also, the leftovers are great for a Whole30 meal prep!


  • Whole30 Shrimp and ‘Grits

  • This Southern-inspired dish feels like a decadent brunch or dinner option, and is full of protein-packed shrimp, creamy cauliflower grits, and a Creole-seasoned, superfood-dense tomato sauce made with none other than our Tomato Gazpacho.


  • Whole30 Guacamole

  • Power through your usual snack situation with this guacamole hack — made with Tomatillo Kale Jalapeno. Featuring tangy, tart tomatillos, avocados, a squeeze of lime, and a hint of jalapeño, you’ll be ready for some on-the-go snacking in no time! Enjoy it with fresh sliced veggies, or top it on just about anything.


    Got any other #Whole30 soup hacks that you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!