6 Tips for Surviving a Whole30

6 Tips for Surviving a Whole30

Congrats on your first week of Whole30 #SOUPSQUAD — sip, sip, hooray! Whether you’re doing Whole30 for the first time, are a seasoned Whole30er, or living a life of #FoodFreedom, we’ve pulled together our six favorite Whole30 101 tips so you can slay the rest of the month.

Tip #1: Create Your Morning Routine. The right morning routine means setting yourself up for success all day long, during Whole30 and into your Food Freedom. Need inspo? Check out our Whole30 Morning Routine Guide by ZÜPA NOMA  it’s full of tips, hacks, and insights from top Whole30 Certified Coaches, social influencers, and other experts. Not only is a veggie-packed breakfast key, but additional tools like mindfulness, gratitude, movement and caffeinating strategically will also help you make every morning count. Check out this exclusive new guide here


Tip #2: Stock Your Fridge. If you’re anything like us, you’re on-the-go 99% of the time, so don’t compromise your Whole30 by getting hangry while you’re out and about! Keep that fridge full by stocking up Whole30 compliant options like Superfood Soups  and throw one in your bag when you head out the door each day.


Tip #3: Meal Prep Like A Boss. Whole30 meal planning and prep can sometimes seem overwhelming, which is why we’ve teamed up with meal prep expert and Registered Dietitian, Tracey Grant @wholedailylife, to bring you the ZÜPA x @WHOLEDAILYLIFE Guide to Whole30 Meal Prep. It’s packed with strategic and tricks to make meal prep not just doable, but dare we say even fun?


Tip #4: Get Creative In The Kitchen. Try fun, new Whole30 compliant recipes throughout the month to keep your tastebuds excited. Check out The Veggie Vibe or our Pinterest page for delicious recipes and tasty #souphacks! We also love our friend Michelle Smith’s Whole30 Endorsed The Whole Smiths Good Food Cookbook  it’s packed with creative, family-friendly options. 


Tip #5: Let Us Help You. Many #SOUPSQUAD members, including Melissa Herbst from @melissasfoodfreedom, love incorporating a Three Day Souping Program into their Whole30 to keep things interesting! As the month goes on, it’s important to switch up your eating routine  and the Souping Program is just what you need. Plus, it's pre-built and ready to go when you are! 


Tip #6: Share Your Experience. Be sure to share your Whole30 meals and experiences on Instagram to take advantage of the amazing social community. And don’t forget to tag us @zupanoma!

Let’s do this, #SOUPSQUAD!