Fall is officially here, which means amazing seasonal foods and cozy fashion (yay for sweater weather)! Unfortunately, it is also now incredibly easy to get sidetracked from your health goals. The closer it gets to Halloween, the greater the temptation to overindulge in treats. As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, I find myself needing extra motivation to exercise and be intentional about making conscious food choices for myself and my family.

As a full-time wife, mom, and dental hygienist, my life can get, to say the least, busy! I start my morning routine at 4:20am and it is non-stop from that point on. What helps me to stay on track with making healthier food choices, especially during the cold winter months, is being well prepared and keeping my food choices simple. I totally believe in the power of meal prepping, so when I complete my meal prep planner at the beginning of the week, I make sure to incorporate Whole30 compliant meals that are easy to make and Whole30 Approved® foods made for grab-and-go, like ZÜPA NOMA.

ZÜPA NOMA is an easy and tasty way for me and my family consume more veggies on a daily basis. I tend to eat my breakfast on-the-go, so ZÜPA NOMA’s Veggie Shots fit perfectly with my lifestyle because I can drink a full serving of veggies alongside the rest of my Whole30 meal, while I’m in the car on my way to work! Once I get busy seeing patients, I'll enjoy a full bottle of drinkable veggies for a fulfilling and nutrient-rich snack option -- instead of grabbing a sweet treat from the bowl of Halloween candy in the break room. #yikes!



Their Veggie Shots are a simple way to incorporate more veggies for kids too! I’ll admit that getting my little one to eat his veggies can be difficult at times, but I've found that packing a shot in his lunchbox, along with his other favorite foods, makes it easier to get him to get his veggies in. I allow him to pick out which flavor (aka color) he wants that day, which allows him to have an active role in making his own healthier food choices. Plus, it is an added bonus to have an extra serving of immune-boosting veggies as we approach flu season. My busy lifestyle cannot slow down due to any illness!


You will be less likely to FALL into temptation by being prepared. For busy on-the-go lifestyles, the more prepared you are, the better! Check in with yourself and always have a plan ready for those moments when you may want to overindulge. You may not have a perfect diet 100% of the time and that’s okay; just make sure that the less healthy food is really worth it. Stay prepared by planning out your meals weekly, and by always having healthy food options on hand!


Melissa is a Whole30 Certified Coach and Dental Hygienist! She loves making healthy, Whole30 meals that her entire family can enjoy, and encouraging others to find their Food Freedom Forever. For more tips on meal prepping tips and planning, visit her on Instagram at  @Whole30Noir