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Meet Green Gazpacho

Meet Green Gazpacho

What better way to get a fresh start on spring — than with our newest limited-edition flavor, Green Gazpacho?


In this sweet and tangy green blend, superfood and blue-green algae chlorella are activated by spinach and avocado to do some major spring cleaning from the inside out. We combined some of our favorite flavors — like tomatillo, cucumber, and avocado — and maximized their nutritious power by blending them at peak ripeness, adding some Vitamin K-packed spinach and healthy fats from olive oil. The result?  A savory soup that will cleanse your body from the inside out, while keeping you hydrated and energized through long spring and summer days!


Our favorite way to sip Superfood Soup is always chilled straight from the bottle, but Green Gazpacho also makes a deliciously tangy salsa verde or base for a ZÜPA margarita. Whether you throw it in your gym bag for a post-workout refresher or keep it at your desk for an afternoon #SOUPSWAP, this soup will supercharge your day with clean, green veggie vibes!