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Meet Spring Bean Mint

Meet Spring Bean Mint

Swap out that sugary green smoothie — and pick up our NEW Spring Seasonal soup: Spring Bean Mint!


This soup is a celebration of the bountiful green veggie goodness of spring, from sweet snap peas to Vitamin K-packed kale, made uber-fresh and super sippable with a sprinkle of mint.  We've also added plant-based protein from hemp seeds and healthy fats from avocado to make this soup seriously filling — the perfect blend for Whole30ers and vegans alike!


The ultimate in minty freshness, pairing this soup with some hard boiled eggs or fresh fruit for breakfast will put a major spring in your step all day long. We love drinking it before an intense workout for some nutritious hydration that will keep you going strong without weighing you down. Spring Bean Mint is truly a clean, green, refreshing machine. Be sure to stock up now - this flavor won't last long!