Meet the Team, #SOUPSQUAD

Meet the Team, #SOUPSQUAD

Contrary to popular belief, ZÜPA NOMA headquarters isn’t in the middle of a vegetable farm, or tucked away in a Sonoma vineyard (we wish!), but we do have a yoga room and a ping pong table! Working hard, or hardly working?...


We are the team behind the delicious Superfood Soups and Veggie Shots you know and love to drink and its SOUP-er nice to meet you! Get to know more about the team below:


Michelle Watson

Brand Manager

Favorite ZÜPA NOMA Flavor: Yellow Pepper Turmeric, although Summer Squash is my new go-to!

Favorite Veggie: Hard to say, I love them all! But if I was stuck on a deserted island, I could live off of brussels sprouts… they have those in the tropics, right?

Favorite Veggie Hack: Cauliflower pizza crust, yum!

Best Ping Pong Player on the #SOUPSQUAD: Alex, by a landslide

Favorite Form of Exercise: Running and tennis



Alex Westerberg

Operations & Finance Manager

Favorite ZÜPA NOMA Flavor: Summer Squash! This soup has the taste of summer written all over it!

Favorite Veggie: I don’t discriminate, I love them all!

Favorite Hobby: Mountain biking in Sonoma County

Next Vacation: Southeast Asia

Favorite Form of Exercise: Biking and rowing



Seleba Ouattara

Customer Experience Associate & Community Manager

Favorite ZÜPA NOMA Flavor: Can I pick more than one? Kale Avocado & Carrot Coconut Lime!

Least Favorite Veggie: Asparagus

Best Ping Pong Player on the #SOUPSQUAD: Probably Alex, but only because I don’t practice…

Next Vacation: Lake Tahoe

Favorite Form of Exercise: Long walks (sometimes on the beach)



Jen Berliner


Favorite ZÜPA NOMA Flavor: It’s so hard to choose, but my current favorite is Green Gazpacho

Favorite Veggie: Avocado and sweet potatoes… preferably in the same meal!

Favorite Hobby: Weekend hikes with my husband

Best Ping Pong Player on the #SOUPSQUAD: Definitely not me! I’m much more likely to use the yoga room than the ping pong table...

Favorite Form of Exercise: Pilates


Thank you all for all the love and support, we’re proud to make such healthy and delicious veggie-packed products! And if you’re ever in Sonoma, come visit ZÜPA NOMA HQ! Ping pong – game on.