Rock Your Daily Morning Routine — With Tips From Health Experts

Rock Your Daily Morning Routine — With Tips From Health Experts

Mom was right. We all know that (a veggie-packed!) breakfast is key, but there’s so much more to learn about the perfect morning routine so that you can rock each and every day. That’s why we teamed up with some seriously amazing early birds to bring you these top tips to jumpstart your morning!

Get ready to revamp your routine and make every morning count with meditation and mindfulness, workout ideas, journaling inspiration, and more below -- plus, see how these healthy experts incorporate these activities into their daily routine!

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Morning Routine Tips and Insights from Experts


Incorporating meditation into your morning routine can yield some serious health benefits and leave you feeling clear, calm and ready to start the day. Whether you meditate immediately after waking, post-workout, or at your desk before diving into email, even five minutes of focused meditation can be a complete game changer. Here are some of our favorite benefits:

  • Reduce stress: Mental and physical pressure can
    cause the stress hormone cortisol to rise, leading to inflammation and poor immunity. Studies show that mindfulness meditation can reduce stress and related conditions.
  • Boost energy: Meditation naturally activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to trigger a state of relaxation. This allows the body to release endorphins, giving you natural energy.
  • Be more flexible: Being in a relaxed state of mind, you’ll find it easier to drop into a “go with the flow” attitude, and it may become easier to adapt to changes around you – both large and small.
  • Eat cleaner: Studies have shown that when you’re stressed, you’re more tempted to eat ‘bad-for-you’ foods. Incorporating meditation into your daily routine will help you tackle old cravings or triggers head-on and focus on your Whole30 goals and non-scale victories.

Meditation can take many different forms, such as following along with an app like Headspace, or simply focusing on your breath or a personal mantra for a set period of time. Try several styles and see what feels best for you! Centering yourself with prayer, gratitude exercises, or other mindfulness practices during this time can also be an amazing way to start your day, with many of the same benefits.


How Do Experts Incorporate Mindfulness and Meditation Into Their Routine?

  • “I’m a huge believer in crystal work. I try to spend some time each day sitting with my crystal babies and using them to really develop a deeper sense of gratitude for what I’ve been given and achieved. I also do a morning pull from a Tarot deck because who couldn’t use a little witchy guidance!” – Jacob Heath, Whole30 Certified Coach, Morning Pour Expert (@jacoblheath)
  • “I like to spend time in prayer on my way to work or at little times throughout the day for the people in my life that I love and the things that I’m working through at the time..” – Melissa Herbst, Whole30 blogger (@melissasfoodfreedom)


Making time for movement in the morning increases productivity and gets your endorphins pumping. Starting the day with a workout will provide your body with an energy boost so you can take on the day ahead!

Looking for some new workouts? Check out an easily modifiable workout from Professional Triathlete and Ironman Champion Meredith Kessler – and feel free to add weights or modify however feels right to you. You can also do bodyweight exercises and running outside!

Cardio + Strength Workout

  • Warm up: Run 1 mile at a medium pace
  • 1. Inchworms to pushup (10 reps)
  • 2. Supermans (10 reps)
  • 3. Mountain climbers (30 seconds)
  • 4. Plank (1 minute)
  • 5. Alternate forward lunges (15/side)
  • 6. Front squats (20 reps)
  • 7. Walking lunges (15/side)
  • 8. Deadlifts (10 reps)
  • 9. Plank (1 minute)
  • 10. Repeatsteps5-10onetotwomoretimes!
  • 11. Run1mileatmediumpace
  • Cooldown: Walk for 10 minutes, then stretch!


How Do Experts Incorporate Movement Into Their Routine?

  • “I work out in the morning at least three times per week on the above schedule, otherwise I go at lunch time – and I eat post- workout for both. If I’m working out in the afternoon, I make sure that I’ve eaten within three hours, so I have adequate energy. In a pinch, I’ll eat a hardboiled egg or a piece of jerky one hour before.” – Whitney Stuart, Clinical Dietitian, MCN RD LD (@whitnessnutrition)
  • “I can only exercise in the morning! A run will do the trick but I also love a gym day with weights, burpees, and yoga. Before a workout, I usually just take a bite of a meat stick or something higher in fat. Afterward, it’s ZÜPA time! I always bring a ZÜPA NOMA to the gym with me and open it as soon as I leave the locker room. Sometimes I’ll add collagen powder to it (unless I have a #CollagenCollab flavor).” – Jacob Heath, Whole30 Certified Coach, Morning Pour Expert (@jacoblheath)



Keeping a daily journal is an incredibly powerful habit. Similar to meditation, writing down goals, milestones, or even memorable moments from the previous day will help you to become more present in your everyday life. It’s been proven that keeping a journal can help you achieve short and long-term goals, boost memory, improve communication skills, and spark curiosity, among other benefits.

Whether you are chronicling the day’s events, setting intentions with measurable steps and an action plan to achieve them, writing positive affirmations for your future self, doing a daily devotion, or simply jotting down a few things you’re grateful for each day... grab a pen and start writing!

We love to read each day’s entry in the morning to set us up for success, and then complete then do some self-reflection each evening while the events and emotions of the day are still fresh. Give it a try!


How Do Experts Incorporate Journaling Into Their Routine?

  • When my alarm first goes off (at 4 am!) I pray, do my devotion, and set intentions for the day. I also state my “I AM” affirmations and write out ten things I am grateful for! I’ll listen to an inspirational podcast or audiobook while I get ready.” – Melissa Wilcox, Whole30 Certified Coach, Dental Hygienist (@whole30noir)
    • “I’m always working to be consistent, but my goal each morning is 10-20 minutes of meditation and counting three things that I’m grateful for. I also try to eat all my meals without distraction, which I definitely consider a mindfulness practice as well.” – Sam Presicci, Whole30 Certified Coach, Snap Kitchen Lead RD (@sam.p_the_rd)