We tend to eat more during the winter, especially while living in colder climates — after all, who hasn’t had to stop themselves from devouring all the leftover mashed sweet potatoes and holiday cookies? *cue hand raise emoji*


That’s where ZÜPA comes in handy! When you open your fridge, you’ll find a variety of fresh, bold and delicious veggie-packed options that are low in sugar and sodium, high in fiber and nutrients, and ready-to-go when you are! The best part is, you can still get the amazing benefits of Superfood Soup year-round, by heating them up once the weather gets chilly. Empty them from their bottles and warm them gently in a saucepan over medium-low heat — or, if you’re in a rush, pour them into a microwave-safe container and heat for approximately 40 seconds. That’s it!


Continuing to add a daily ZÜPA to your routine through the holiday season will help keep your healthy eating habits on track, strengthen your immune system, and support digestive health.

Cauliflower Cashew



After a long day in the cold winter weather, sipping on chilled drinkable veggies straight from the bottle doesn't *always* hit the spot. So, when the rain starts pouring, we start heating up our Superfood Soup at the ZÜPA HQ. Nothing can be more comforting or cozy than snuggling up on the couch, watching a movie, with a warm mug of Whole30 Approved® veggie-packed soup in hand... or at your desk, wearing your favorite sweater! #thatwilldo


Heating up your soup flavors is a great opportunity to try something new! Here are our team’s favorite flavors to heat up this season and how they prep:


  • Michelle Tomato Gazpacho: I’ve been obsessing over Tomato Gazpacho lately, it beats canned tomato soup any day. I love heating it up in a mug, topped with avocado and pumpkin seeds for a little crunch.
  • SelebaCauliflower Cashew with Collagen: This flavor is creamy, savory, and perfect for winter. I like to pair it with a grilled cheese or panini when I’m feeling extra cozy!
  • AlexCarrot Coconut Lime: I often cook with Carrot Coconut Lime in the winter by adding it as a base for curry or as a meat marinade, but I also like to warm this flavor up in the microwave for a quick and easy afternoon snack when I start to get hangry at the office.
  • JenYellow Pepper Turmeric: I love Yellow Pepper Turmeric in the winter because it’s full of immunity-boosting veggies for when you’re feeling run down. I like to heat this flavor up in a saucepan and add a sprinkle of hemp and sunflower seeds, or toss it in a mug as I’m running out the door on busy afternoons.

Tomato Gazpacho 

Now that our mouths are watering... here are the top five reasons why warm drinkable veggies are so beneficial to your health during the cold winter months ahead:


  1. MORE NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS: If you’re making an effort to eat more veggies, it only makes sense that you should get all of the benefits. Did you know that some veggies — like carrots, spinach, bell peppers, and kale — contain carotenoids and ferulic acid, which provide more benefits to the body when cooked, compared to when consumed raw? Boiling and steaming better preserves the antioxidants in these veggies, which in turn makes some of our Superfood Soups super powerful when heated up — like Carrot Coconut Lime, Yellow Pepper Turmeric, and Tomato Gazpacho.


  1. HYDRATION: In cold climates, your body can become just as dehydrated as it does when you forego water in warmer weather. And sometimes the cold makes it even easier to forget about drinking water regularly. An easy way to beat that? Superfood Soup! Loading up on hydrating veggies can increase your H2O intake, in addition to filling you up and providing the nutrients your body needs.


  1. VITAMIN D AND HEALTHY FATS: In the winter, we tend to stay indoors more often — therefore getting less exposure to vitamin D, which our body naturally absorbs from sunlight. A Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to seasonal depression and constant fatigue, among a slew of other not-so-fun symptoms. Not only is it important to eat your veggies during the winter to help combat seasonal depression, colds, and everything else, but it’s also important to eat foods that are high in fat (like avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil) to help keep your body in tip-top shape. A variety of our soup flavors, like Cucumber Avocado, Kale Avocado with Collagen, and Tomatillo Kale Jalapeno are packed with healthy fats — just what the doctor ordered!


  1. IMMUNITY SUPPORT: If you think that citrus fruits have the most vitamin C on the block, then think again! Certain veggies — like red bell pepper and spinach — contain twice as much vitamin C as oranges. Plus, they’re also rich in other nutrients like beta-carotene (which helps to keep your eyes and skin healthy), and antioxidants and vitamins, so fight the sneezes with a Yellow Pepper Turmeric, or Tomato Gazpacho. Taking a red-eye flight to celebrate the holidays with your family? Pack a TSA approved Carrot Ginger Turmeric Veggie Shot, an immunity-boosting blend of healing ginger, vitamin C from fresh oranges and carrots, and a pinch of anti-inflammatory turmeric — and all the fighting power you’ll need to get through the days ahead!


  1. DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: If you catch yourself falling into the ‘seasonal slump’ during the cold winter months, it’s easy to get back on track and support your digestive system by incorporating #veggievibes into your daily routine. Your digestive tract plays a vital role in your health and wellness — in fact, it’s responsible for absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste. Many people suffer from certain digestion conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), and Crohn’s Disease, which can put you more at risk for severe digestive issues. Eating foods that are high in fiber and probiotic-rich can help aid digestive problems, even for those who don’t have severe conditions.

    With the food holidays here, give your digestive system the support it needs! Below are some of our favorite digestive benefits from drinking Superfood Soup:

      • Fibrous Vegetables: Fiber is a hero of good digestion. You can get an abundant amount of fiber from fresh, healthy produce like leafy greens, celery, and sweet potatoes.
      • Probiotics: Apple Cider Vinegar contains probiotics because it is made from fermented apple juice — which means it’s packed with bacteria that help keep your gut and digestive system happy.
      • Prebiotics: In order to maximize the benefits of healthy bacteria in your gut, you need to feed them! Onions, garlic, and apples are a great prebiotic because they are a good food source for the bacteria in your gut.
      • Superfoods: There is a plethora of superfoods in our soups and shots, but ginger, in particular, is known to accelerate gut health and help with gastric emptying.
      • Collagen: Collagen is fantastic for gut health because your gastrointestinal tract is made of skin, which needs a permeable barrier to do its job correctly. The cells in your gut tract have to be kept as healthy as possible, and collagen supports the cells by providing the body with amino acids that are highly beneficial for digestive health. Plus, collagen production begins to decline around age 25, and we don’t produce more collagen naturally - therefore, it's important to find forms of ingestible collagen-like our Whole30 #CollagenCollab flavors!

    Winter Recipes


    1. EXTRA BENEFIT - FUN IN THE KITCHEN! Eating healthy shouldn’t mean boring, sodium-ladened soup out of a can. With more time spent indoors, the cold winter months provide a great opportunity to get more creative in the kitchen! This season, spice up your plate with veggie-packed options and put a clean spin on your favorite classic holiday dishes: like Whole30 compliant Cauliflower Collagen Mashed Potatoes, and paleo-friendly No-Bake Pumpkin Spice Pie. But that’s not all — check out some of our favorite recipes below, to gobble up this winter:


    There’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of vegetable curry — but let’s be honest, we don’t normally have the patience to make it from scratch. This method is the ultimate #SOUPHACK: simply use our Carrot Coconut Lime as an easy, wholesome base, and pack in a few extra servings of veggies while you’re at it! We recommend it served it over cauliflower rice, paired with the clean protein of your choice.

    Curry Recipe



    The ultimate tortilla twist on one of our favorite #SOUPHACKS, straight from #SOUPSQUAD member, Lauren of @lpfedme! This dish is a trifecta of tastes — combining zesty Tomatillo Kale Jalapeño Superfood Soup with salsa verde and Siete’s grain-free tortillas to create savory, spicy, soup-er enticing enchiladas that are seriously next level. Plus, if you need some relief from the heat, top them off with cooling avocado cucumber crema. Now kick back and get your enchilada and chill on!

    Zupa Ladas


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