Top 8 Morning Routine Tips from Whole30 Certified Coaches

Top 8 Morning Routine Tips from Whole30 Certified Coaches

Get ready to rock your Whole30 and make every morning count with these insightful tips and tricks from eight Whole30 Certified Coaches and social influencers! Earlier this month, we collaborated with these experts on our Whole30 Morning Routine Guide by ZUPA NOMA, an exclusive resource for everything you need to know about kickstarting your best Whole30 morning.

We all know that a veggie-packed breakfast is key, but there’s so much more to learn and incorporate, like mindfulness, gratitude, movement and caffeinating strategically. With these top tips below and more, you’ll set yourself up for success all day long — during Whole30 and into your Food Freedom. Download the full guide here to get all the details!


Whole30 Morning Routine Insights from Experts:

1. Start the night before. It’s important to prep for each Whole30 day the evening prior, so you can start the day off right from the moment you wake up. Here’s how Melissa Wilcox, Whole30 Certified Coach and Dental Hygienist (@whole30noir), preps for her perfect Whole30 day the night before: “I prepare my emergency snacks, including my ZÜPA NOMA drinkable soups. I also use my Whole30 Day by Day book to reflect on today and prepare for tomorrow!”


    2. Meditate to start your day right. Incorporating meditation into your morning routine can yield some serious health benefits and leave you feeling clear, calm and ready to start the day. Sam Presicci, Whole30 Certified Coach and Snap Kitchen Lead RD (@sam.p_the_rd), shares her morning meditation routine, “I’m always working to be consistent, but my goal each morning is 10-20 minutes of meditation and counting three things that I’m grateful for. I also try to eat all my meals without distraction, which I definitely consider a mindfulness practice as well.”


      3. Treat yourself to a healthy but enjoyable morning beverage. If you’re a person who needs caffeine in the morning to wake up, Jacob Health Whole30 Certified Coach and Morning Pour Expert (@jacoblheath), has got you covered! Here are his morning beverage secrets, “I always start my breakfast with a ‘morning pour,’ which you’ll find on my Instagram. It’s just a daily pour of whatever I’m drinking set to a soundtrack. I really love to mix it up! Some days it’s just coffee and nut milk and other days it’s tea or matcha. And every day is a great day to start with some sippable veggies, amirite??”


      4. Get veggies in at breakfast (but keep it simple). Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and that’s especially true when you’re on Whole30. Melissa Herbst, Whole30 Certified Coach and Blogger (@melissasfoodfreedom), likes to add a ZÜPA NOMA into her morning breakfast routine for a quick and easy veggie boost! Here’s her breakfast strategy, “Veggie Shots! The Digestion Boost (Tomato Vinegar Habanero) is my favorite and totally gives me the morning kick I need. If I’m on a Whole30 I’ll also incorporate roasted veggies like asparagus or broccoli into an egg dish. I always have my breakfast in glass containers ready to microwave and eat when I get to the office, like my Lazy Breakfast Casserole or Everything Bagel Sweet Potato Egg Cups!”


      5. Set your routine ahead of time, so you can attack the day. Whether it’s Whole30 meal prep and planning, or simply laying your clothes and gym bag out the night before - planning ahead is essential during Whole30. Whitney Stuart, Clinical Dietitian, MCN, RD, LD (@whitnessnutrition), shares her perfect morning routine with us, “I wake up between 5:30-6am and grab my workout clothes and gym bag from the guest bedroom. The easier my routine is, the more likely I’ll stay committed to it! I hit the coffee machine while I add collagen and almond milk to my thermos, fill it up, grab my breakfast/lunch box and run out the door. I like to complete my workouts fasted, and they are anywhere from 30-60 minutes. I shower and get ready at the gym in ~15 minutes before I hit the office at 7:45am. Once there, I eat breakfast, drink that coffee and read emails before my first patient arrives.”


      6. Have go-to Whole30 breakfasts on hand for busy mornings. Picture this, you’re running late to work and didn’t have time to fix a Whole30 breakfast… we’ve all been there. Jessie Beltramo, Paleo Recipe Developer and Mama-to-Be (@justjessieb), shares her secret to busy mornings, “Breakfast bowls are my jam! I always keep foods like roasted potatoes, grilled sausages and boiled eggs on hand, so I can easily prep them for myself and my husband. I’ve even been known to take them on the run and eat in the car while driving.”


      7. Get some morning exercise. If you love to exercise, try adding a workout into your morning routine. Making time for movement in the morning increases your productivity and gets your endorphins pumping. Jennifer Bumb, Whole30 Influencer and Bacon Enthusiast (@pretend_its_a_donut), loves her morning exercise! She says, “I’m 100% a morning exerciser! I’m at the gym at for strength training and boxing. I usually just have a big glass of water before the gym and then about 20 minutes after the gym I’ll start my day with a ZÜPA NOMA Veggie Shot.”


      8. Keep the momentum going into Food Freedom. The goal of Whole30 is to forever change the way you think about food. Keeping your morning routine similar, when heading into Food Freedom, can have long-lasting positive results for your overall health. Lauren Paige, Whole30 Certified Coach and Kitchen Witch (@lpfedme), shares her non-scale victory with us, “I try to keep my routine the same when not on Whole30 - being able to make Whole30 a seamless part of my daily life has been one of the best non-scale victories!”


      Get more tips and tricks from Whole30 Certified Coaches and experts in our Whole30 Morning Routine Guide by ZÜPA NOMA here