New Whole30 #CollagenCollab

New Whole30 #CollagenCollab

What do kale, avocado, and grass fed collagen peptides have in common?


Besides being superfood heroes full of incredible nutritional benefits for your skin, hair, nails, gut, and heart, they’re also united in our new, limited time only ZÜPA NOMA and Whole30 #CollagenCollab! Introducing Kale Avocado with Collagen, the newest member of the #SOUPSQUAD and our first flavor with added protein power. It’s a better (and Whole30 Approved!) version of your green smoothie, without all the sugar. Each bottle has 10 grams of protein from grass fed collagen peptides, making it a game changing grab and go option.


Kale Avocado with Collagen was specifically inspired by the Whole30 #SOUPSQUAD — indeed, the countless Instagram posts of ZÜPA NOMA next to your collagen packet of choice encouraged us to team up with Whole30 to combine the two... no mixing or shaking required!


And why is collagen so important? In 2018, we don’t get as much collagen as our ancestors did (because nowadays we typically avoid the tougher cuts of meat that our ancestors would previously eat). Yet reintegrating it into our diets is important because of its amazing nutritional benefits!

Collagen is most commonly known to help with:

  • Hair, skin, and nail growth 💅
  • Gut health 👅
  • Bones and joint support 💪
  • Metabolism boost 🔥


Plus, collagen is a wonderful source of protein to round out all the veggies in your bottle of Superfood Soup — making for a complete on-the-go snack or mini meal, especially if you’re leaving the gym! It’s perfectly paired here with some of our all-time favorite powerhouse veggies:

  • Kale — full of antioxidants, vitamin K, iron, and has cholesterol-lowering properties 🌿
  • Avocado — plentiful source of potassium, folates, healthy fats and vitamins K and E! 🥑
  • Cucumber super hydrating, packed with potassium and rich in polyphenols called lignans, which may reduce the risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular disease 🥒


Kale Avocado with Collagen


When we asked Whole30’s Melissa Hartwig if she wanted to collaborate on this soup to combine clean protein and veggie power, her exact response was “OMG YES PLEASE AMAZING.” Coming from the woman who pioneered this movement to reclaim our diets, that makes us feel pretty great. And we know that you will feel even better by incorporating this soup into your daily routine. Enjoy and click HERE to shop!