Whole30 ZÜPA Meal Pairings

Whole30 ZÜPA Meal Pairings

Whole30 meal prep can be hard, especially when life gets busy. With a month of Whole30 awesomeness just around the corner, we’re sharing some of our favorite tasty Whole30 compliant meal pairings to get you through the month ahead — inspired by the #SOUPSQUAD!

The Whole30 team loves this on-the-go strategy because it’s an incredibly easy formula for a totally satisfying and refreshing emergency meal, no matter where you are. It’s as simple as pairing our Superfood Soups with sides of protein and healthy fat, using whatever you have on hand. These yummy meal pairings come together in a flash and are will get you through Whole30 — anytime, anywhere.

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For those mornings when you somehow slept through all your alarms and are rushing out the door to make your 9 am meeting!

Breakfast Whole30 mini-meals




Whole30 meal prep doesn't have to be complicated — check out these easy ways to stay on track while at the office or watching the kids.

Lunch Whole30 mini-meal pairings



As we’ve mentioned in other blog posts, it is essential to eat protein and complex carbohydrates after a workout so that your muscles can rebuild and recover. That’s why ZÜPA is your post workout best friend!

post-workout Whole30 mini-meal pairings

PS - Looking for more tools, tips, and tricks for Whole30 meal prep? Look no further! We’ve teamed up with meal prep expert, Registered Dietitian, and #SOUPSQUAD member, Tracey Grant, to give you all the tools and info you need for a successful Whole30 meal prep! Check out our ZÜPA NOMA x @WHOLEDAILYLIFE Guide to Whole30 Meal Prep!