Soup Reimagined

Life’s delicious
drink it all in

Sip Your Soup

In Sonoma, freshness and flavor are a part of everyday life. That’s why at ZÜPA NOMA, we bottle our bounty and make our soup with love you can taste & vitality you can feel.

We believe veggies should taste as good as they make you feel. To maintain the bright flavors & all the nutrients of our fresh produce, we use High Pressure Processing (HPP). We then sprinkle in some Sonoma sunshine and combine it all with culinary-inspired seasonings to bring you on-the-go soup filled with whole, sun‐ripened vegetables bursting with vitality. Guaranteed not only nutritious, but delicious. From seed to skin, it’s simplicity at its best.

So take a sip and find out what veggies are supposed to taste like.

Freshness you can taste, freshness you can feel.

Ayesha Curry loves making fresh food. In her recipes, she uses vegetables, harvested at the peak of ripeness, but when she can’t, she only chooses products that use the same quality ingredients. ZÜPA’s culinary-inspired flavors are exactly what Ayesha looks for to help her and her family live a vibrant life.

Picked at the
Peak of Performance

As a true athlete, Meredith Kessler looks at food as fuel, but still insists that it’s full of flavor. She’s excited that ZÜPA lets her take an average of 4 servings of whole real vegetables with her. ZÜPA’s fresh, simple ingredients provide energy that help Meredith stay competitive.

Life's Delicious. Drink it all in.

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