Ready-to-sip and Whole30 Approved®

Our Story

Veggies should taste as good as they make you feel.

In Sonoma, freshness and flavor are just part of everyday life! That’s why at ZÜPA NOMA, we bottle the bounty and make our Superfood Soups and Veggie Shots with integrity. Considering each individual ingredient with the utmost care, you can taste and feel the vitality of our vegetables from the first sip.

Our Process

Freshness You Can Taste

Farm to bottle

Our veggies are all picked fresh at the peak of ripeness, traveling the shortest distance possible to our manufacturing facility to ensure optimal flavor and sustainable operation.

Whole veggies from seed to skin

We blend whole vegetables – from seeds to skin – so you’re drinking every ounce of their uncompromised vitamins and fiber to keep you satisfied. Plus, there’s no wasted produce or pulp!

High pressure processing

Our products are never pasturized — we use high-pressure processing (HPP) to keep them safe to consume while maintaining the quality flavor and nutritional power of our fresh produce.