Farm to Bottle

In Sonoma, freshness and flavor are just part of everyday life! That’s why at ZÜPA NOMA, we bottle the bounty and make our Superfood Soups and Veggie Shots with integrity. Considering each individual ingredient with the utmost care, you can taste and feel the vitality from the first sip.

You’ll find whole, organic vegetables and superfoods in every bottle — seasoned perfectly and enhanced with powerhouse ingredients like turmeric, spirulina, and apple cider vinegar that we source from as close to home as possible.


Simply The Best

ZÜPA NOMA uses only the highest quality, Certified Organic ingredients so you never have to worry about chemicals or GMOs… not to mention, they’re the best tasting, too! And when possible, we use "imperfect" vegetables that are oddly-shaped and would otherwise go to waste.

Our veggies are all picked fresh at the peak of ripeness, traveling the shortest distance possible to our manufacturing facility to ensure we optimize flavor and operate sustainably.


From Seed to Skin

We blend whole vegetables – from seeds to skin – so you’re drinking every ounce of their uncompromised vitamins and fiber to keep you energized and satisfied. Plus, there’s no wasted produce or pulp! And to maintain this bright flavor and farm freshness, we use High Pressure Processing (HPP). Our soups are never heated and HPP keeps them safe to sip without impacting taste or nutrient-density.


Meet Our Partners

Ayesha Curry

Chef, bestselling author, TV personality and mom Ayesha Curry uses only the highest quality ingredients in the dishes she prepares for family and friends. She counts on ZÜPA NOMA for the same freshness and flavor when she's on-the-go.

"On busy mornings, I grab a ZÜPA NOMA — it’s my favorite way to jumpstart the day! They’re made from whole organic veggies, so each bottle is fiber-packed and low-sugar."


Meredith Kessler

Professional triathlete, Ironman Champion and new mom Meredith Kessler relies on ZÜPA NOMA to power through her intense workout schedule.

“ZÜPA NOMA is the perfect training partner — I have one daily in my fueling window or as a quick snack in transition mid-workout, like from swim to bike.”