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This 12 pack includes two each of all six classic  Whole30® Approved flavors. Rehydrate while traveling, refuel after a workout, or toss one in your bag for a fresh, filling snack or delicious meal complement on-the-go.

Packed with flavor, fiber and superfoods, sipping our soups will help you stay on track and sail through the month!

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Contains two bottles each of: Tomato Gazpacho, Cucumber Avocado,  Carrot Coconut Lime, Beet Orange Basil, Tomatillo Kale Jalapeno and Yellow Pepper Turmeric.

ZÜPA NOMA’s ready-to- sip soups all have four servings of whole, organic vegetables and superfoods per bottle, and are high fiber and low sugar to keep you feeling full and energized.

In addition to delicious culinary-inspired seasonings, we’ve added powerhouse ingredients like turmeric and apple cider vinegar to truly unlock the benefits of our farm fresh vitamins and nutrients. It’s a better way to drink your veggies!

Tomato Gazpacho: Tomato*, Filtered Water, Red Bell Pepper*, Cucumber*, Celery*, Lime Juice*, Red Onion*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Olive Oil*, Garlic*, Black Pepper*, Sea Salt, Turmeric*

Cucumber Avocado: Cucumber*, Filtered Water, Apple*, Avocado*, Lemon Juice*, Swiss Chard*, Pumpkin Seed*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Sea Salt, Black Pepper*, Spirulina*

 Carrot Coconut Lime:  Filtered Water, Carrot*, Apple*, Coconut Milk*, Lime Juice*, Yam*, Ginger*, Olive Oil*, Shallot*, Lemongrass*, Turmeric*, Coriander*, Sea Salt, Cumin*, Black Pepper*

 Beet Orange Basil: Filtered Water, Cucumber*, Orange Juice*, Tomato*, Red Cabbage*, Red Beet*, Scallion*, Basil*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Lemon Juice*, Sea Salt, Mint*, Black Pepper*

Tomatillo Kale Jalapeño: Filtered Water, Cucumber*, Tomatillo*, Green Bell Pepper*, Avocado*, Lemon Juice*, Kale*, Scallion*, Lime Juice*, Garlic*, Sea Salt, Spirulina*, Jalapeńo*

Yellow Pepper Turmeric: Filtered Water, Yellow Bell Pepper*, Tomato*, Butternut Squash*, Cauliflower*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Red Onion*, Olive Oil*, Garlic*, Hemp Seed*, Sea Salt, Turmeric*, Black Pepper*, Habanero*.