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Cucumber Avocado

Avocado, cucumber, and greens, finished with powerhouse pumpkin seeds and a splash of apple cider vinegar — a creamy, dreamy combo!

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Bravo Avocado

Powerhouse avocado, nutritional powerhouse swiss chard, and hydrating cucumber will make your skin glow. Pumpkin seeds add protein and fiber while apple cider vinegar provides a digestive boost that makes this the perfect snack or meal complement, any time of day. 


Cucumber*Cucumber*, Filtered Water, Apple*, Avocado* Avocado*, Lemon Juice*, Swiss Chard* Swiss Chard*, Pumpkin Seed*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Sea Salt, Black Pepper*, Spirulina*

Whole30™ Approved Whole30™ Approved
No Added Sugar No Added Sugar
100% Vegan 100% Vegan
Certified Organic Certified Organic

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